Deadline to Appeal your Property Assessed Value in Lakeland FL and homes throughout Polk County is fast approaching.
The property appraiser mails out Truth in Millage or TRIM Notices to Lakeland FL homeowners and homeowners throughout the State of Florida in mid-August.
Are you in disagreement with the assessed property value of your Lakeland Florida home?
The Value Adjustment Board notices include three values
  • Market value
  • Assessed value
  • Taxable value

If you don’t agree with the market value, you have the right to appeal your tax assessment by filing a petition to the Value Adjustment Board.

An informal meeting is encouraged to have your estimation of the market value from the assessor’s property appraisal reviewed by going to the Polk County Property Appraiser’s office and discuss the matter.

Filing a petition
You must file a “petition” in order to appeal before the Value Adjustment Board can hear your case.  Completed petitions must be filed with the Value Adjustment Board.  The non-refundable filing fee is $15 related to a single parcel, plus $5 for reach contiguous parcel.  The petition filing for single parcel in Polk County may also be filed online.

Timely Filing of Petition:
Petitions related to valuation issues may be filed at any time during the taxable year on or before the 25th day following the mailing of the TRIM notices of proposed property taxes. The Value Adjustment Board must receive the petition by the 25th day.
If a representative is acting on your behalf he or she must have written authorization from you the taxpayer, which also applies for immediate family members if their names are not on the deed.

Bartow Office
255 N. Wilson Ave Phone: 863-534-4777
Bartow, FL 33830 Fax: 863-534-4753
Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm (M-F)

Lakeland Office
912 E. Parker St. Phone: 863-413-2549
Lakeland, FL 33801 Fax: 863-413-2550
Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm (M-F)

Winter Haven Office
3425 Lake Alfred Rd. Phone: 863-401-2424
3 Gill Jones Plaza Fax: 863-401-2428
Winter Haven, FL 33881 Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (M-F)

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